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Most of the casino games that are available online are not usually found at land based casinos. But there is one game, which is available and popular in both the platforms is Cleopatra. It is a slot machine game that is largely based on the traditional slots. This is also said to be the first games to have introduced free spin bonus to players. This is one of the most exciting casino games online that keeps the players occupied till the end. It includes various interesting features and aspects that can make it leave behind even an original casino game.

The theme and concept of Cleopatra is largely based on the Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. Designed and developed by IGT (International Gaming Technology), it is a perfect game with extraordinary graphics, visuals, and sound effects. In addition, it also has a bonus round feature that makes it a better choice over other slot games. Other elements to look for in the game include the hieroglyphics, Sphinx, and beetle from the ancient Egyptian culture. So, try playing the game which will take you back to the ancient times and leaves you with the great gaming experience.

Talking about the features, Cleopatra comes with several symbols that are displayed at the front. Wild and scatter are the common symbols seen in the game, which are also helpful for players to boost their winnings. It also features the Sphinx, which stands for the scatter symbol. Besides, a bonus free spin round will start when over three symbols are present on the reels. This round gives 15 free spins to the player. But on the whole, a player has an opportunity to get up to 180 free spins during this round. If possible, the winnings can be increased three times if the free spin bonus round has a winning combination. There is also a possibility of increasing the bet but only when more than two symbols are present on the reel.

Considering the growing popularity and demand for the game, IGT has also released a sequel to this slot game called the Cleopatra II slot machine. The game blends in various factors and elements that make it quite interesting to play. Here, each player is given 20 pay lines to bet and a special pay line is also generated when all the coins are dropped in the slot.