Can your IP address be tracked by online casinos?

Can your IP address be tracked by online casinos?

Before leaving the gaming table, it is customary for dealers to expose their hands. They conduct this as regular procedure to ensure that nothing is in their possession when they leave. Security cameras at casinos provide a clear image of the casino. They require these cameras to keep their visitors and staff secure while also keeping them satisfied. The dealer's hand clapping is a trigger for cameras, indicating that the dealer is leaving them out "clean."

When you visit a website on the internet, your IP address is visible to the website as part of the data sent between your computer and the site. Otherwise, the site's hosting server won't know where to transmit the data (i.e., the content of the page).

Most websites do not actively keep or trace your IP address; instead, they utilize it for data transfer and then delete it when you leave the page. Regulators, on the other hand, need online casinos to trace your IP address in order to conduct prospective audits and make online gambling safe in the United States.

The major reason for this is because online casinos are only permitted to provide real money games to residents of particular jurisdictions. One of the advantages of IP masking is that it allows you to deceive websites into believing you are at a different physical location than you are. As a result, casino regulations mandate that online casinos trace the user's IP address to ensure that they are in a physical place where the casino is legally permitted to provide games of chance.

Because this 'geohacking' is mostly carried out by fraudsters - persons wanting to take advantage of an online casino in some manner - online casinos are driven to prevent these individuals from joining illegally.


Subscribe to a Premium VPN Service


Understandably, not everyone is happy about an online casino tracking their IP address, especially if they're playing at a shady site. So, how can you keep internet casinos from following you around?
Using a premium VPN service is the easiest method to avoid IP address tracking. A virtual private network (VPN) routes all of your internet traffic through encrypted servers, masking your true IP address and location from the websites you visit.

This implies that when you visit a website, the information is sent between the website and the encrypted server of your VPN. This implies that the IP address that the website receives and mistook for yours is really the encrypted server. The data from the site is subsequently sent to your machine, where you may view it normally. Any contact you have with the site is likewise routed through the encrypted server, which acts as a middleman between your computer and the site you're visiting.

Using a premium (paid) service is the way to go if you want to do this for privacy reasons. Not only are they significantly superior than free VPNs in terms of performance and detectability (some sites deny VPN connections), but free VPNs are more likely to track your IP address and data and sell it to third parties as a means of generating money.

The disadvantage of utilizing a VPN service is that it violates the terms and conditions of most online casinos, which are required by gaming regulators to validate their players' actual locations.

If you decide to use a VPN, you do so at your own risk, since the site has shut down accounts and seized cash once VPN usage has been identified.


Use an Alternative Payment Method


Using several payment methods is another strategy to avoid your online casino tracking you. Online payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller demand a lot of information and identity verification before they can be utilized, so using them to pay at an online casino is effectively verifying your identity to them.

Even the more traditional approaches supply a wealth of data to suppliers. Criminals's identities have been hijacked by people who steal credit card information, causing a lot of hassles for the unfortunate person who is simply wanting to use their card online.

For the more respectable sites throughout the world that operate in strongly regulated settings, like as Bet365 and Pokerstars, this isn't such a huge deal. When using offshore or "shady" gaming sites, however, there is a significant danger in disclosing personal information.

If cage payment options are available, they are another choice. Cages, as the name implies, are physical casino cashier offices where you may buy chips or exchange them for cash. Caesars Online Casinos & Sportsbook, for example, allows you to top up your account in any of their Atlantic City locations. Furthermore, you may withdraw your winnings at these casinos in cash. This payment method eliminates the need for any online transaction, keeping your IP address confidential.

You may also utilize retail business payment options like PayNearMe to avoid utilizing credit cards and internet banking. This option allows you to deposit money into your online casino account using actual currency at participating businesses.


Look for Crypto Casinos


A completely decentralized crypto casino site is an alternative to using bitcoin as a "fiat equivalent" on a standard online casino site. There are legal online casinos that allow you to deposit cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin into your account. Once you've placed a deposit, these casinos treat Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like currency.

What good is it to use cryptocurrencies in a typical online casino or sportsbook? The operator, or anybody else, has no way of tracking all crypto transactions. With blockchain technology, an operator would only see your wallet address as recorded information. No one's name, address, phone number, or other personal information is stored in a bitcoin wallet.

Operators won't be able to dig out the owner's identify or address if simply your wallet address is available. Each cryptocurrency transaction is similarly devoid of an IP address.

It's worth noting that certain casinos adhere to stringent KYC procedures. These standards demand you to produce government-issued identification, such as your driver's license, as verification of your identity. Even if you placed Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies into your account, you must complete these procedures before withdrawing funds to your crypto wallet.

As an anti-money laundering measure, all licensed casinos are required to have a know-your-customer (KYC) policy. Your IP address or browser history will not be tracked using this approach. Licensed casinos that fail to implement a KYC policy risk losing their licenses. If you have any worries about a casino's legality, you can always check its license by going to the bottom of the page and clicking on the regulation office emblem. This should direct you to the main website of the regulatory body, such as the UK Gambling Commission, which has information on an operator's license.

In order to comply with gambling legislation, online casinos track your IP address; however, there are ways to evade this and hide your information if you go about it the proper manner.


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