What Is the Hit Rate on Slot Machines and Why Should You Care?

What Is the Hit Rate on Slot Machines and Why Should You Care?

Slot machines are notorious for being stingy with payouts. They're a lot more volatile than games like roulette, blackjack, and video poker. That said, you might think there's no rhyme or reason to when slots pay up. When you're having a bad session, you could start to believe that these games are rigged.

Fortunately, one statistic in particular shows when slot machines pay off. The "hit rate" indicates the likelihood of winning.


Basics of Slots Hit Rates


The hit rate of a slot machine refers to the percentage of spins that pay out. For example, if the hit rate is 30%, you'll win a reward on 30% of your spins on average.
The hit rate can be used to calculate the frequency with which you'll win. Simply said, a greater win rate indicates that you will win more frequently.
Not all slot producers provide a win frequency statistic. As a result, you'll never know how often you'll win on average.
Developers of online slots are exceptionally skilled at adding one or more of these statistics. When playing online games, though, you have a higher chance of identifying the win frequency.


What’s a High Win Frequency?

When it comes to hit frequency, one slot might be very different from the next. As a result, you may have difficulty determining what constitutes a high victory rate.
The typical online slot machine pays out between 25 and 27 percent of the time. A high victory frequency is defined as anything over this range. The greatest hit rates are in the range of 35 percent to 40%. You'll be winning almost as much as you would with blackjack hands at the high end of this range (42.4 percent ).
Some slot machines, on the other hand, have win percentages of roughly 20% or less. In certain circumstances, your awards will be limited.


How Does Hit Rate Differ from RTP?


Win rates aren't exactly data that can be calculated in a short period of time. In the near run, however, they are more accurate than payout percentages. They also solely take into consideration how often you'll win a reward on a given spin.
RTP is a superior measure of wins, despite its long-term use. If you continue to play slots with a high payout percentage, you will almost certainly win more money over time.

At first appearance, win frequency and volatility appear to be strongly associated. The latter, on the other hand, assesses how frequently slots will pay off in the short future.
This metric, unlike win rate, isn't used to predict how often you'll win in the near future. It's all about demonstrating how much money you'll make in the short future.
A 9/10 or 10/10 rating is given to the most volatile games. In these circumstances, you'll go through some crazy highs and lows.


The hit rate is a basic percentage that indicates how often you'll have a winning spin. If you appreciate winning frequently, this is a useful statistic to know.
When it's available, the victory frequency will be visible in the info screen. In this scenario, all you have to do is click the details button and scroll down to get the hit rate.
The typical winning percentage is between 25 and 27 percent. Any figure over this range indicates that you might expect more consistent awards.


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